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Office and Home

Keinot Tape provides you with adhesive products that can be easily pasted, marked, packaged and more convenient to achieve a relaxed and rich daily life.

Building and Construction

In the building and construction industry, Keinot recommended Masking tape, Cloth duct tape and PVC electrical tape,.

Paint & DIY

In Paint and DIY, Keinot recommended colorful masking tape, colorful cloth duct tape, double side tissue tape.

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Special Edition

Reach a long-term cooperation agreement with us and there will be more discounts. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to long-term cooperation with you, we will wholeheartedly serve you.
Worldwide Shipping

Exported to more than 50 countries and regions in,Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.

High Quality

High quality control in production process, ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001.

Best Offers

With our long-term cooperation, the larger the purchase volume, the more discounts we offer.

High Quality Service

Relentlessly committed to customer care,,you will be supported for the lifetime of that product.

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