Adhesive Tape Uses from KEINOT

KEINOT TAPE supplies wide ranges of high quality adhesive tape, including industrial adhesive tape,, hot melt adhesive, adhesive lable, and self adhesive vinyl, which can be used in eletrical, surface protection, logistics OPP tape, building and construction, paint & DIY fields etc.

 KEINOT Tape for Surface Protection

Crepe paper as the base material, a variety of colors are available, uniform color, fine surface grain, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation for a certain period of time without glue residue single side coated with nature rubber or acrylic adhesive, good adhesion and tensile strength, meets the requirements of RoHS and REACH regulations.


KEINOT OPP Tape for Logistics

Widely used in carton sealing, object packaging, bundling, etc., suitable for daily office scenes. Mainly products are Acrylic Water based Bopp tape, Hot melt Bopp tape, Solvent Bopp tape and Natural Rubber Bopp tape.

 KEINOT Tape for Electrical Application

PVC film as the base material, one side coated with natural rubber glue, good adhesion, strong toughness, flame retardant, good insulation performance and conforms to the certification of various organizations, such as: UL/CSA/CE/VDE/JIS/PS, etc. a variety of colors available.

KEINOT Tape for Building and Construction

In the building and construction industry, Yongguan recommended Masking tape, Cloth duct tape, pre-taped masking film tape, and PVC electrical insulation tape, aluminum foil tape.

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