Product Development

KEINOT TAPE. can provide various industrial adhesive solutions. In order to keep up with the needs of the market, it focuses on research and development to explore and solve the possibility of product realization, so as to verify and lead the potential needs of customers and grasp the correct market direction.

On the basis of traditional material applications, around core functions, new targeted functions are developed; and basic analysis of customer needs and product application goals is made to provide customers with solutions from multiple perspectives.

Corporate Team

Technology R & D personnel are the key to the formation of enterprise core competitiveness. By the end of 2022, the technology center has all kinds of R & D talents 30 people,Senior Engineer 6 people,Engineer 5 people,Professional title technician 12 people,External experts 2 people。

KEINOT TAPE. can guide the potential needs of customers, focus on exploring and solving the possible products and system solutions for technological realization, and better meet the needs of the market and customers. The R&D team has formed a group of core technicians in product research and development, management innovation, technological transformation, energy saving and emission reduction, etc., and played an active role in the rapid development of the enterprise. 

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